Welcome to the OER Impact Map, a record of evidence about the global impact of open educational resources (OER).The purpose is to help people understand the impact of open educational resources (OER).  This site was developed and maintained by the OER Hub until 2015 as part of evidence gathering work funded by The Hewlett Foundation.  OER Impact Map archives some of the project findings and secondary research.


OER Research Hub - Evidence Map

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Original Author:
Timo Grossenbacher (BSc in Geography, University of Zurich)
Modified By Author:
Martin Hawksey
Original Code: Timo Grossenbacher/Global Oil Presentation
Geodata: mbostock/topojson

You can explore the data in a number of ways. Try the overall summary of the evidence entered so far, or see the distribution on a global map.  The hypothesis pages explain the essence of each study area and includes a text report on our evidence for key claims made about OER.