Affordable Learning Solutions Survey (San José State Univeristy)

Type: Evidence | Hypothesis: Student retention | Polarity: | Sector: | Country:

In the Affordable Learning Solutions Survey (2012) of 147 undergraduates at San José State University 26% felt it ‘very likely’ they would be unable to buy a textbook because of cost.  A further 23% thought it ‘likely’ that they would be unable for the same reason.


Within the same cohort 34% and 31% felt that lack of textbook would make them ‘very likely’ or ‘likely’ to feel nervous respectively.  6% thought it very likely that they would drop out because of the cost of a textbook; a further 11% thought it likely.

This suggests that lowering the cost of textbooks increases student satisfaction by reducing anxiety and increasing the chances that students complete their course of study, though it should be noted that 40% thought it very unlikely that lack of a textbook would lead to dropping a course.

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