African Health OER Network case study claims high impact on students

Type: Evidence | Hypothesis: Student impact | Polarity: | Sector: | Country:

Student focus groups at the University of Ghana and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology showed support for OER and students expressed satisfaction both with OER as an approach and with the resources available to them.

Students mainly addressed the question of whether OER presented what had to be learnt in a more accessible form, and in a way that made for better understanding and use of knowledge. In this sense, learning was closely connected with assessment. Success in ‘the exams’ was a powerful consideration. Theirs was not a purely instrumental position, however. They were keenly aware of how OER can lead to more independent student learning; and they were also attuned to the potential of OER in their ongoing professional development…

The important conclusion is that from the distinctive perspectives of these three sets of key role‐players [students, educators and managers] OER had achieved high impact. OER experiences had created a ‘win‐win’ situation in terms of belief in, and commitment to, OER practices that met core needs.

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