Impact of Bridge to Success at University of Maryland University College

Type: Evidence | Hypothesis: Reflective practice | Polarity: | Sector: | Country:

OER Research Hub field work suggests that OER piloting is having a positive effect on pedagogical reflection and encouraging educators to think about ways that they can innovate openly.  As Kathy Warner, Assistant Dean, UMUC puts it:

“It’s not necessarily policy but I think that it’s the approach to the student which is really changing. I think that Bridge to Success kind of got us thinking more about students when they come in the door, how do we help them, how do we assess them and how do we modularise the curriculum. Because it could be that they don’t need the entire course, that they need parts of the course. So I think Bridge to Success certainly helped us…  [that] these materials that are available, they’re open, they are of good quality, and these are the kinds of things that we could embed in our courses. Certainly a for-credit course could use that material instead of buying any kind of course material. So I think that was another impact that Bridge to Success has had …”


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