Interview based study finds support for motivation through badging

Type: Evidence | Hypothesis: Open assessment | Polarity: | Sector: | Country:

Qualitative data gathered from interviews with faculty and focus groups with students at City University London suggests that both may have reservations about open badging.  For example, it was found that students with high intrinsic motivation can find badges patronising.

However, there was some support for the idea that badging could motivate – largely based around the exclusivity of the award.

  • Students want ‘special badges’ which would only be awarded to high achievers as this would be a way to stand out from their peers
  • There were suggestions that badges would act as an extrinsic motivator, creating healthy competition within a cohort.
  • Both staff and students felt it was important that major employers were aware of this badge initiative, in order to increase the credibility of badges.
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