Little policy support for OER in New Zealand

Type: Evidence | Hypothesis: OER policy change | Polarity: | Sector: | Country:

The POERUP case study of OER policy in New Zealand concluded that, despite a number of OER initiatives, there was little indication of this translating into policy development.

Apart from OER u and some activity at the Open Polytechnic there is little organised large-scale OER activity in tertiary education. There is currently very little funding for developments related to e-learning at tertiary level.

There is no supervisory level between the ministry and each individual school and a recent tradition of autonomy among teachers.  There is also a national curriculum oriented to broad outcomes rather than specific syllabi.

Both these factors could be argued to make it unlikely that OER will flourish or be cost-effective for government to develop.

Potentially interesting article on benefits and barriers for e-learning in tertiary education in New Zealand:

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