Distance Education 33(2) Special issue on ‘OERs and Social Inclusion’

Type: Evidence | Hypothesis: Improving access | Polarity: | Sector: | Country:

The journal Distance Education (Volume 33, Issue 2, 2012) published a special issue on OER and social inclusion.  In it, Andy Lane argues that to it is not yet possible to measure how OER are truly widening either formal or informal engagement in HE study, and that most OER are better suited to learners who are confident and experienced. In the same issue, Bossu, Bull and Brown note that, in the Australian context at least, those who most need access to higher education typically lack access to technology. Overall, the issue provided little evidence that social inclusion is being promoted by OER.

See also http://www.tonybates.ca/2012/08/09/oer-and-social-inclusion-review-of-special-edition-of-distance-education/

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