OpenLearn Users: 46% of Learners Have Higher Education Qualifications

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A survey conducted by the OER Research Hub project provides evidence for the claim that OER is used predominantly by highly educated learners. In a survey of OpenLearn (“the home of free learning from The Open University”) users, when asked what their highest educational qualification is, 26% of respondents had an undergraduate degree, whilst 20% had post-graduate qualifications:

“However, the OpenLearn survey also provided evidence that the platform is largely being used by well-educated, well-qualified, employed informal and formal learners. For example, 26% of OpenLearn survey respondents indicated that they have undergraduate qualifications and a further 20% that they have postgraduate qualifications.”

In contrast to this, however, over 18% of survey respondents described themselves as having a disability and nearly 25% of respondents did not have English as their first language, with almost half of these learners making use of OpenLearn OER to improve their language skills.

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