Poor uptake of open textbooks in Washington community colleges

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It was reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education that a survey by the National Association of College Stores found a low rate of uptake for use of openly licensed textbooks in Washington.

“Of the 98,130 students enrolled in these 42 courses on the 25 campuses, only 2,386 were in sections that used the recommended OCL materials,” the report says, adding that just 75 of the 2,722 course sections that could have used the materials did so.

In 16 of the 75 sections, students paid nothing for the course materials. The average cost for the materials in the other 59 sections was $25.

“Given the possibility of such substantial savings, the question remains as to why so few of the sections for these 42 OCL courses actually used any of the free or lower-priced materials,” says the report. “Additional study would be needed to address this issue.”

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