Reasons for OER choice, OER4Adults supplementary poll

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Isobel Falconer, Allison Littlejohn, Lou McGill, Eleni Boursinou are the authors of the OER4Adults report.  As part of supplementary research for this project the team commissioned an open survey of lifelong learners and adult educators to gather data on indicators for selecting OER.

The results suggest that lifelong learners and adult educators find free (no cost) resources using  Google (100%), online repositories such as flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia (70%), repositories of learning resources (25%) or asking a friend (25%) […]

In quality terms, their primary reason for choosing a resource is that it comes from an organisation they trust (65%), or that it comes near the top of the search engine results (53%); only 27% were directed to resources by a teacher. For only 30% is viewing the resource and evaluating its quality a major criterion, suggesting that organisational brand is more important in learner choice than is the quality of particular resources.

Finding OER
‘How do you discover learning materials? Select the 3 most important’ (n=86)
'Which of these influences your choice of learning materials?'
‘Which of these influences your choice of learning materials?’ (n=86)



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