OER use makes FLN educators more reflective

Type: Evidence | Hypothesis: Reflective practice | Polarity: | Sector: | Country:

An OER Research Hub survey of 109 flipped learning educators using free online educational resources in the K12 classroom reveals that 88.6% (n=86) agree or strongly agree that using free online resources helps them reflect more on the way that they teach. 70% (n=68) say that they more frequently compare their own teaching with others’.

Troy Faulkner, Math teacher at Byron High School in Minnesota, US explains this from a personal point of view:

“It used to be that when I thought about preparing for a lesson I would look at a book and see what they did and then I would teach a lesson similar to it. But now I can go online, watch a video or look at somebody else’s materials that they put out there, see what they are doing and either modify what they are doing and bring it into my classroom, or just get a totally different perspective on it and allow my students to get multiple perspectives on a topic (…) so I guess searching what’s out there online allows me to be a better teacher”

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