The Case For Sharing Using CC Licenses: A View From A Health Professions MOOC Instructor

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In August 2013 Dr Caren Stalburg (Michigan) ran the first iteration of her Coursera MOOC “Instructional Methods in Health Professions Education.” In an interview with Open.Michigan she reflects on why she chose to use CC-BY-SA licenses on her course materials. The interview (available in full via the URL below) reports:

“Why share the class materials with Creative Commons licenses?

Why not? While I understand that my interpretation, distillation, and restructuring of the material is my ‘intellectual property’, I also recognize that my organized understanding is based on the work of other scholars. Scholars who have previously shared and published their work too. Just as I have in some ways ‘remixed’ the ideas of those before me into my own unique perspective, I would hope that others could use this course as a base for their own ‘mash-ups’ and movement forward. Hopefully academia will recognize that just like we calculate a citation index score for one’s published material in traditional spaces, we can also generate scholarly rubrics and ‘value’ for numbers such as CC license attributions of your work, or number of downloads, or even the variety and scope of domains where your work is incorporated.”


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