Thomas Edison State College offers credits for OERu course

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Following a successful trial of a parallel form of course delivery (where partner institutions run a full tuition version of a course while informal learners work online) Thomas Edison State College is offering assessment to independent learners. These can be used to gain credit towards a degree.

Thomas Edison State College (TESC) is taking a leadership role in developing an end-of-course assessment for the upcoming UNISA OERu course on Critical Reasoning.  Learners will be able to work through the independent study materials as self-paced learners and take the final assessment anticipated to cost just over $100. These learners will earn actual college credit toward their degrees. With this initiative, TESC plan to demonstrate the value proposition of the OERu model by offering a full-tuition version of the OERu course including faculty facilitation hosted on the TESC learning management system (Moodle) on a full-fee basis. Unisa also hosts a full-tuition version of this OERu course for their own learners towards formal degrees, using myUnisa (an implementation of Sakai).


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