Tidewater Community College Z-degree: Student Savings

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Tidewater Community College was the first institution to offer an 100% OER degree in Business Administration in Fall 2013. Called the Z-degree this 2-year degree course has reduced the total cost of study by more than 25% or $1200 per annum (the savings calculation shown below is based on the average cost of textbooks: “The textbooks for an associate’s degree in business administration normally cost $3679, which is about a third of the cost of the degree from Tidewater.” Source)

Source: http://lumenlearning.com/success-story-tidewater/

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Watch Daniel De Marte of Tidewater Community College talk more about the creation of the Z-Degree

Z as in Zero: Increasing College Access and Success Through Zero-Textbook-Cost Degrees by TJ Bliss (January 2015)

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