US Libraries: Public Domain and Open Licensing Survey Data

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Results of a survey of managerial level public library personnel reveal that further work to promote an understanding of, and engagement with, openly licensed materials is needed.

The survey “Impact of Public Domain Resources on Public Libraries in the United States” was carried out by Anne Arendt (Utah Valley) and Dustin Fife (San Jan County) and examined “the awareness, complexity and effects of CC0 [Creative Commons Zero] and related licenses on libraries as perceived by library directors and managers across the United States.” (Arendt, OpenEd 2013)

60.38% respondees (n=53) were unable to offer a definition of Creative Commons.  Similarly, 75% of respondees were unable to give a definition of Creative Commons Zero (CC0) (n=52). Respondees also provided a definition of public domain and answered questions about relating to the use of public domain resources.

A description of the work carried out, raw data and other information is available from the authors’ site. The findings of the research were presented at OpenEd 2013 in Utah and are pending publication in the Journal of Librarianship & Information Science.

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