Use of Open Textbook shows increased retention and completion rates

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The University System of Georgia (USG) announced the following results from their Summer and Fall 2013 use of an open textbook for US History:

“The first USG Open Textbook was made for the core curriculum US History I course and implemented in eCore in Summer and Fall 2013.

  • In Spring 2013, prior to open text implementation: 88% HIST 2111 retention rate.
  • In Summer 2013, the first semester with the Open Textbook, retention increased to 94%.
  • Successful completion (grades A, B, and C) rose from 56% in the spring to 84% in the summer with the open textbook.

–Retention is the measure of non-withdrawals (grades A,B,C,D,F)

–Successful course completion is the measure of grades A, B, and C. Non-successful course completion is the measure of grades D, F, W, and WF.”

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