You can filter between evidence, projects and policies using the drop-down menus at the top of the map.  Clicking on nodes will show you more information about the evidence as well revealing links between a piece of evidence and an OER initiative.  Tips for use are below the map.  To see summaries of evidence gathered by country or review the flow of evidence, try the Summary by Country.

  • Use the search box
  • Explore the map – zoom in to expand nodes
  • Click to preview nodes – 2nd click takes you to the full record

Initial view:

  • Display shows total evidence ‘heat’ (red is hottest  – where the most evidence has been found
  • Click on circles too see the nodes (zoom in if there are too many)

Zoom-in view:

  • Node colour = evidence : Evidence For (+) / Evidence Against (-) / Unassigned (nil)
  • Node centre = sector: School/K12 / College / Higher Education / Informal Learning)
  • Click to preview nodes – 2nd click takes you to the evidence record
  • Policies are shown as letters according to their scale: L = Local/Institutional; R = Regional; N = National; I = International
  • Projects appear as blue nodes


  • Type: select to pick a data type
  • Hypothesis: isolate data for a hypothesis (evidence only)
  • Polarity: isolate data for/against (evidence only)
  • Locale: policy remit (policy only)
  • Sector: choose sector (evidence, policy only)


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