This map shows all current evidence nodes and is organised by country.  The summary panel in the top left shows evidence totals for those countries for which we have identified most evidence. You can find tips for use below the map.  For a more detailed view which also shows related projects, try the Full Evidence Map.


OER Research Hub - Evidence Map

Tested in latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Original Author:
Timo Grossenbacher (BSc in Geography, University of Zurich)
Modified By Author:
Martin Hawksey
Original Code: Timo Grossenbacher/Global Oil Presentation
Geodata: mbostock/topojson


  • Click on a country to zoom in and see the summary and evidence points
  • Click on nodes to explore evidence further
  • Evidence nodes are coded by colour: School/K12CollegeHigher Education; Informal Learning
  • The colour on the border of the node shows whether the evidence is positive or negative in relation to its hypothesis 
  • Semi-circles indicate the total of positive and negative evidence for a country – bigger circles indicate a bigger evidence base
  • The Sankey Diagram in the lower left corner will update depending on the country chosen, showing the flow of evidence for the selected country, divided by sector





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