This tool allow you to explore some of the survey data collected by the OER Research Hub project.  The data is geocoded, allowing us to update results on the map and charts together as queries are refined.  Scroll down for a Quickstart Guide on how to use the tool.


This dataset can be downloaded from Google Fusion Tables

Quickstart Guide

  1. Choose a question from the menu immediately below the map
  2. The map will update to show where we received responses to this question
  3. The chart will also update – you can select different charts types via the tab
  4. Apply filters using the tick boxes on the left side
  5. To reset, select a different question

It’s not possible in this version of the Data Explorer to cross reference more than one question, but any number of filters can be applied.

This is an experimental feature, so if you spot a bug or something weird, get in touch and let us know.

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