Cape Town Open Education Declaration (2007)

The Cape Town Declaration is not a definitive statement of open education, but an evolving proposal signed by hundreds of learners, educators, trainers, authors, schools, colleges, universities, publishers, unions, professional societies, policymakers, governments, and foundations.

The declaration makes specific reference to OER by claiming that “openly licensed course materials, lesson plans, textbooks, games, software and other materials that support teaching and learning” should be “licensed to facilitate use, revision, translation, improvement and sharing by anyone”.

It also identifies a need for more robust policies in support of OER:  “governments, school boards, colleges and universities should make open education a high priority. Ideally, taxpayer-funded educational resources should be open educational resources. Accreditation and adoption processes should give preference to open educational resources. Educational resource repositories should actively include and highlight open educational resources within their collections”.

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