Foothill-De Anza College District policy on public domain

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Since 2004 Board Policy 6141 of De Anza College  and Foothill College sets out a commitment to supporting the production and use of open educational materials.

The Foothill-De Anza Community College District supports the creation, use, accessibility, and ongoing maintenance of public domain-based learning materials in accordance with established curriculum standarda for educational purposes of the District, using the commonly accepted legal definition of public domain materials.

The goals of this policy are to provide students with learning materials that reside in the public domain to augment and/or replace commercially available educational materials, including textbooks where appropriate, to create sustainable academic resources for students, faculty and staff, and to provide opportunities for professional growth of district employees involved in these activities.

The Chancellor will provide periodic reports, not less than annually, to the Board that detail the progress made toward accomplishing the goals delineated by this policy.

(Although the policy makes no mention of OER this is likely because the term did not exist in 2004!)

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