Maine legislation to support and encourage the use of online – including open – textbooks (L.D. 569, 2011)

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In 2011 Maine legislation was approved in 2011 mandates the creation of an information clearinghouse on the use of online and open educational resources, among other programs (To Support and Encourage the Use of Online Textbooks, L.D. 569, 2011). This legislation also includes approval for the state Commissioner of Education to allocate existing funds to hire or reassign several staff positions to oversee and support the clearinghouse and other digital literacy programs outlined in the law. To fund this legislation, Maine has dedicated some of its EETT Title-IID funds to (a) the identification and the development of quality review processes and (b) the use of OER and the development of professional development to support use in eight academic areas. See the iNACOL K-12 OER policy report for details.

Maine seeks to embed OER within other online materials and is less likely than its peers to separate out “OER” as a concept.

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