OER initiatives of the Portugeuse Ministry of Education and Science

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The following initiatives are OER initiatives of the Portuguese Ministry of Education and Science are licensed under Creative Commons. Some of them are not pure OER, but all are designed to encourage open education and free sharing of resources .

  • Biblioteca Digital or Digital Library: conscious of the need to promote and make available to the educational community and the general public the content of their publications, DGIDC has developed a set of actions to make available in digital mode, the content of some of their collections, which research and consulting is accessible through its computerized catalog. The Digital Library is composed mainly by resources and edited by the DGIDC by General Directions that preceded it, and has as its main objective the provision of comprehensive works, for free reading.
  • Acordo Ortográfico (AO) or Orthographic Agreement: Space where to find documents about AO and pedagogical resources. It is available for teachers, students, families and the general public.
  • Internet Segura.pt or Safety Internet is a center that aims to take away from more and more the task to sensitize the Portuguese population to security issues on the Internet, hence striving to achieve a greater number of citizens. It is a space where to find documents, videos and other resources like quizzes about safe behaviors in the internet.
  • GEORED (Digital Educational Resources for Teaching Geography) is a collaborative project between the Association of Geography Teachers and the Department of Geography at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT) from Lisbon University and is funded by DGIDC. This is a site where digital resources are made available under a Creative Commons license; there are a range of educational resources for the development of geographic skills in the use of digital maps and Geographic Information Systems (GIS, SIG in portuguese).
  • Plano Nacional de Leitura (PNL) or National Reading Plan is a website were to find: New Readings – space to meet new books, authors and illustrators -; PNL BlogueBiblioteca de Livros Digitais or Library of Digital Books; Clube de Leituras or Reads Club – project that intends to help promote reading habits in Portugal (with available Ebooks ); Ler+ Dá Saúde or Read + Gives Health – involves professionals of health centers and hospitals in the counseling of family reading;Ler+ em família or Read + in family – about how can parents motivate children to read -;Ler+Escolas or Read + Schools – In this site can learn about the projects and initiatives launched by PNL as well as activities undertaken by schools under the Books and Reading; Caminho das Letras or Way of Letters – learning to read with use of modern multimedia systems -; Ler+Teatro or + Read Theatre – website devoted to the theatre and its connection to school-. PNL aims to raise literacy levels of the Portuguese so it links to other sites where can find an assortment of pedagogical resources like free books, free e-books, free videos, activity sheets among others.
  • eduSCRATCH: Project around the tool Scratch (a tool to create and share interactive stories, games, music anda art). Aimed at creating an educational community (portal Sctrach) and promoting the dissemination, training, support and sharing experiences using Scratch in educational contexts.

GAVE (Gabinete de Avaliação Educacional or Office of Educational Assessment) initiative:

  • Banco de Itens or Stock Items – with license CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 this database allows, among other features, to consult the available items to make ‘online’knowledge tests
  • Banco de Exames e Provas or Stock Exams and Tests – with license CC BY-NC-ND 2.5, this database is an archive of all assessment instruments designed within the mission of GAVE since 1997. This archive can be viewed and downloaded files relating to benchmarking tests, final exams and the exam papers at national level (basic education and secondary) and the intermediate tests.
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